Superbob is overgenomen door Car Class Chauffeursdiensten.

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BOB Chauffeur Services

Superbob can offer you an attractive alternative to driving yourself home in your own automobile. Imagine you've just been to a relaxing dinner party, or a wedding celebration, or a reception party, or for a night out on the town and you are prohibited by law to drive yourself home in your own passenger vehicle. Then Superbob has the solution for you!!

Superbob can provide you with a qualified chauffeur to drive you home again safely, in the comfort of your own automobile.
You simply take your place in the passenger seat of your own vehicle and let the Superbob chauffeur do the driving for you.

How does it work?

Just call 088 - 2428314 ( only for within The Netherlands ) or +3188 - 2428314 ( for all calls outside The Netherlands ) and we'll send an experienced qualified chauffeur ( m/f ) on a mini folding scooter to meet you. Once the chauffeur arrives at the agreed location, the chauffeur will transfer his/her mini folding scooter into a made-to-measure, dust-proof bag and lift it carefully into the boot of your automobile and "Bob's your Uncle", you're on your way home in the safety and comfort of your own vehicle.

The Superbob chauffeur will drive you to your desired destination, then he/she will carefully lift the mini folding scooter from the boot of your automobile and you and your vehicle will be back home safely again. The Superbob chauffeur will then proceed to drive to his/her following customer.

Rate of charge:

The basic rate of charge for our Bob Chauffeur Service is €2.50 per kilometer.
We only charge our customers for to the number of kilometers that the Superbob chauffeur drives in your own automobile.
However, we do maintain a minimum rate of 6 kilometers per trip, therefore a minimum of €15,- per trip.
If for some reason the customer keeps the Superbob chauffeur waiting for longer than 5 minutes after the agreed meeting time, then we will be obliged to charge the customer €3.75 for every 5 minutes of extra waiting time.

You can pay either by cash or you can also ask for a company account.