Superbob is overgenomen door Car Class Chauffeursdiensten.

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Superbob Chauffeur Services currently have their offices in Eindhoven, Tilburg and Maastricht. If you're point of departure is not within the proximity of these 3 cities, then please consult with us first and we can arrange for one of our chauffeurs to come and assist you.
Here is a list of the various services that we can provide you with:

  • We can drive you home again safely, in the comfort of your own automobile, after you've been for a night out on the town.
  • We can provide you with a private chauffeur service.
  • We can provide you with a student chauffeur.
  • We can drive you to a location of your choice and return your automobile to your home address or we can arrange to have your automobile parked elsewhere, if you so wish.
  • We can deliver your parcels to anywhere within the Benelux and throughout the length and breadth of Europe.
  • We can assist you with parking your automobile while you enjoy a relaxing dinner party, a wedding celebration, or a reception.
  • We can drive your members of staff safely home again, after a company party.

In short: We can offer you a fitting solution to any kind of transport problem you may have.

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